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 Israel’s Foremost Law Firm for Commercial Arbitration and A.D.R.  

Ronen Setty & Co. is Israel's leading law firm in the fields of commercial arbitration and dispute resolution. Specializing in commercial and corporate law, the firm’s mission is to provide its international and local clients with comprehensive legal consultation and highly effective litigation services. Founded by Ronen Setty in 1998, the firm is recognized in Israel and abroad for the expertise of its three professional departments.

The Commercial & Corporate Law Department provides ongoing legal consultation in a variety of commercial fields. Full attention is given to understanding the client’s specific needs and providing an innovative, tailor-made solution. This approach is particularly effective for international firms conducting business in Israel or abroad.

The Commercial Arbitration and A.D.R. Department has won nationwide renown by arbitrating scores of extensive commercial arbitrations and mediating hundreds of complex disputes, including international proceedings. In addition to successfully representing clients in commercial arbitration proceedings, the firm brings effective results in court proceedings that deal with arbitration issues, including requests to approve or set aside arbitration awards, or to recognize and enforce foreign arbitration awards.  

The Litigation and E.D.R. Departmentoperates within the most requested arena for dispute resolution. The firm’s litigation team aggressively represents international and local clients' interests, both in prosecuting and defending claims. When necessary, the complementary expertise from the firm’s Commercial Arbitration and A.D.R. Department assists in mediations and legal negotiations to arrive at cost-effective agreements. One of today’s greatest commercial challenges is the effective settling of disputes. Ronen Setty & Co., with its team of expert and dedicated attorneys, provides clients with the comprehensive and up-to-date solutions that are paramount to their success. 

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משרדנו הנו משרד עו"ד מסחרי המשמש כ"בית" מקצועי בו תאגידים, עסקים ויחידים משיגים את מטרותיהם האישיות והעסקיות מחד ופותרים, מאידך, בדרכים יעילות ומתקדמות, סכ...


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