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Date 17/1/2010







 Highly professionalized in arbitration and complex dispute resolution  

The Commercial Arbitration and A.D.R. Department has won nationwide renown by arbitrating scores of extensive commercial arbitrations and mediating hundreds of complex disputes, including international proceedings. In addition to successfully representing clients in commercial arbitration proceedings, the firm brings effective results in court proceedings that deal with arbitration issues, including requests to approve or set aside arbitration awards, or to recognize and enforce foreign arbitration awards.  

         ·         Conduct arbitrations and mediations as a third party

·         Handle commercial litigation over arbitration proceedings

·         Handle court litigation proceedings concerning arbitration procedures, inter alia:

o    Requests to approve arbitration awards

o    Requests to set aside or amend arbitration awards  

o    Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in accordance with the NY Convention, 1958


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