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The Mediation Path to Agreement

Date 31/1/2010


The Mediation Path to Agreement


Ronen Setty, Adv., Ronen Setty & Co. Law office,

Published by Drachim, 2001.



The Mediation path to Agreement is considered as the leading professional textbook for mediators and attorneys in Israel. It has been cited in many Judicial Awards of the Israeli districts and Supreme Courts.

In addition, it has been issued as the formal guide in mediation courses by the Advising Commission on Mediation near the Israeli's Court Principle.

Since the pre mandatory mediation has taken place in Israel the importance of this book had grew up for its being a crucial tool for mediators and attorneys who take part often in mediations sessions often.

Setty's mediation attitude is described in details along this book and suggests 10 phases for mediation leading process.


The book constitutes 10 chapters (420pages) as follows:

  1. The mediation substance;
  2. The mediation fundamentals;
  3. The mediator legal duties;
  4. The mediation confidentiality;
  5. The mediator immunity;
  6. The mediator skills;
  7. The mediator nomination;
  8. The 10 mediation phases (180pages)
  9. The mediation halting;
  10. Mediation in Co.


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