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Winning Agreement

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Winning Agreement

Date 31/1/2010

Let us never negotiate out of fear; But let us never be afraid to negotiate"


Winning Agreement


Ronen Setty, Adv., Ronen Setty & Co. Law office,

Published by perlshtein Genosar Publishment Ltd., 2008.



Professional commercial and legal negotiation is the point got its successes. "Winning Agreement" suggests a well arrangrd structured attiude for dispute resolution negotiation.


"Winning Agreement" is an useful tool for mediators, attorneys and Ceos' who are interested in avoiding diputes and solve ther as well.

This book includes 7 milestones for winning agreement.


The  7 Milestones for Winning Agreement:

  1. Preparation;
  2. Creating negotiation relationship
  3. The mutual goal;
  4. Issues discussion method;
  5. The interested conversation;
  6. The parties offers exchange & points of agreement definition;
  7. Fine tuning and drawing up the winning agreement;


Winning Agreement shares with the reader many actual negotiations which are based on the huge earned experience of the author as a legal negotiator & mediator. Additionally an academy deep research has been done as well.


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