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Ronen Setty & Co. Law Office Profile

Date 5/10/2010

Ronen Setty & Co. Law Office, Arbitration & A.D.R Profile

Areas of Practice: Commercial & Corporate Law, International & local Arbitration, International & local Mediation, Construction and Civil Law.

Profile: Profile: Ronen Setty & Co. Law Firm specializes in international commercial arbitration and A.D.R. We offer either legal representation or professional leading of these processes as a third party, respectively. The firm's uniqueness emerges from its perception, which is based on achieving effective solutions for business conflicts, mainly through A.D.R processes. The firm provides its clients with professional services through consulting and representing in a vast number of commercial areas. Adv. Setty, the founder of the firm is considered as one of the top-notch arbitrators and mediators in Israel. He is highly involved in the international arbitration field through the ICC International Court of Arbitration as a member of the international commission on arbitration in Paris and as a board member of the Israeli ICC national committee. The Israeli Arbitration Law was amended in 2008 as a result of his initiation. Since then, it provides the parties with a consent appeal instance, in addition to the traditional one.

Professional departments:

International Arbitration and A.D.R

This unique department is highly experienced in Arbitration and ADR proceedings in a variety of civil areas. In many disputes, the firm represents business clients in these proceedings, some of them in international arbitration. Services include drafting of an arbitration agreement, full legal representation, including litigation for the Award judicial approval, either in accordance with the Israeli Law, or the New-York convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. Amendment and annulment of arbitration Awards are applied as well. The International Arbitration and A.D.R department also specializes in representation of businesses before the ICC (The International Chamber of Commerce) International Court of Arbitration.

As an experienced arbitrator and the chairman of the arbitration and mediation Israel Bar association district committee Adv. Setty leads arbitration and mediation processes to its final Award, or mutual agreement, respectively.

Commercial and Corporate Law

This department deals with ongoing accompaniment of local and international businesses along the spectrum of their activities: foundation, ongoing management, contracts with vendors and customers, employees and partners. All services meet the clients' needs and rely on the firm's international relationships.

Services are rendered to local and international commerce companies, agents and distributors, construction and real estate companies.

Litigation Department

The traditional litigation department enjoys a relative advantage thanks to the firm's perception. The firm strives to combine between court litigation and A.D.R proceedings. Thus, clients may find themselves with a good and fair solution, even before the final Judicial Award has been decided.

Setty's Forum for Businesses and A.D.R affiliated to the firm, was founded in 2010. The forum numbers high-end experienced experts act as an advisory team and a unique professional branch. Setty's Forum enhances the firm's professional services through its connection to the field and the realization of the firm's vision of professional innovation.

Languages: Hebrew, English.

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