Arbitration in Israel
The Arbitration Law 1968
Recongnition and Enforcement of Foregin Arbitral Award
The Arbitration Agreement
The Arbiration Clause
A Consensual Appeal
Stay of Court Proceedings
Justice and Effiecnent Ruleling
Interim Measures
The Arbitral Award
Setting Aside the Award
The New York Convention Regulations
Institutional Arbitration v. ad hoc
International Arbitration & Mediation

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International Arbitration & Mediation

Date 6/9/2011

This innovative department is highly experienced in Arbitration and A.D.R proceedings in a variety of Civil Law areas. The firm represents business clients in international arbitration and mediation proceedings.Services include drafting of Arbitration Agreements and complete legal representation (including litigation in regard of the judicial approval of arbitration awards, in accordance with the Israeli Law, or in accordance with the New-York convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards). The International A.D.R department also specializes in representation of companies and individual clients in the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC and in other International Arbitration Courts (Such as the London Court of International Arbitration). 

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