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Setting Aside the Award

Setting Aside the Award
Date 14/4/2015

The Israeli Courts rarely set aside arbitral awards. As stated by the Israeli Supreme Court:


Judicial intervention in arbitral awards is narrow and restricted by the grounds in Article 24 which have been interpreted by this Court literally and in a limited manner.

The grounds for setting aside an award (otherwise known as "annulment") are limited to those contained in Article 24 of the Arbitration Law:

"The court may, upon the filing of a request by a party (in this Law – Setting aside Request), set aside an arbitral award, wholly or partially, complete it, amend it or remit it to the arbitrator, for one of the following reasons:

(1)       There was no valid arbitration agreement;

(2)       The arbitral award was rendered by an arbitrator who was not lawfully appointed;

(3)       The arbitrator acted without jurisdiction or beyond the  jurisdiction granted to them under the arbitration agreement;

(4)       A party was not given a fair opportunity to make its arguments or bring its evidence;

(5)       The arbitrator did not rule on one of the matters referred to them for ruling;

(6)       The arbitration agreement stipulated that the arbitrator must provide reasons for the arbitral award and they did not do so;

(7)       The arbitration agreement stipulated that the arbitrator must rule in accordance with the law and they did not do so;

(8)       The arbitral award was rendered after the time limit for  rendering it had elapsed;

 (9)      The content of the arbitral award violates public policy;

(10)     A ground exists on the basis of which a court would have set aside a final judgment which cannot be further appealed."


Only seldom will the Israeli courts set aside an arbitral award. This approach has been further strengthened in recent years, and as a result only a few arbitral awards have been set aside. These mostly related to misconduct in the arbitration process and not the substance of the arbitral award substance


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